Cultural Experience


The Exchange Visitor Program is governed by U.S. Departments of State. The purpose of the Summer Work & Travel Program is to provide international students an opportunity to be directly involved in the daily life of Americans through travel and temporary work for a period up to four months during their summer vacation.

Experience American Culture

The primary purpose of the program is to acquaint foreign students with the culture and life of modern America and the distribution of other cultures among its inhabitants. Our students experience American culture through organized entertainment. We sponsor weekly trips to museums, monuments, and iconic destinations. Our varied programs give each student an opportunity to grow socially, develop deep lifetime connections and experiences with people and places they would have otherwise never known. It is our hope that each students experience extends far beyond the program start and end dates.


The Summer Work and Travel Program has given AquaSafe the opportunity to change the lives of many students.


Come join us! Travel, improve your English, earn great pay, and last but definitely not least, HAVE FUN!


Participate in and win contests, tournaments, Olympics, trips and much more!


AquaSafe’s Contests for the BEST is an amazing opportunity for you to show off your creativity and win some awesome prizes! AquaSafe organizes creative competitions such as a best photo, video, and swimming. And we cap it all off with our highly competitive, and equally fun, soccer tournament! You will have the opportunity to participate in many organized events, trips, nights out and more!


Make your dreams come true!


Let AquaSafe help prepare you for the obstacles and victories of adult life. Finish your assignment in September and enjoy an amazing experience traveling and sight-seeing in America! At the end of the season, AquaSafe will organize a fun filled trip to Niagara Falls!


With AquaSafe,

you will have the opportunity to:

Be the Best of the Best!


Always give your best! And then, reap the rewards! Add some impressive accomplishments to your achievements such as Lifeguard of the Week, Lifeguard of the Month, and even Lifeguard of the Season. You could become a Supervisor Apprentice or Office Apprentice and truly take your management skills to the next level!

You will also have the opportunity to win our top prize…a FREE trip to Niagara Falls!!!


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Work and Travel USA, Lifeguard with AquaSafe Pool Management, Inc. Become a professional Lifeguard in the USA!

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