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AquaSafe Pool Management, Inc. is a full service swimming pool management company operating in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. At AquaSafe, we are very passionate about providing quality service and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for our clients and employees.


We are a Team. We believe that everyone is important and instrumental to the success of our business. What we do is very unique. Our Mission Statement says it all "Safeguarding the most precious". The nature of the services we provide is facilities’ management for recreational pools and spas. We provide services that are oriented to the outdoors, we hire those that are hardworking, that enjoy working outdoors and working with the public. Our lifeguards and pool managers are responsible for the supervision of patrons when they visit the pool. The environment is somewhat casual (outdoors poolside) with an emphasis on safety and vigilance.


AquaSafe Pool Management, Inc. has a diverse recruiting network offering opportunities to motivated and reliable candidates not only from the Unites States but from all over the world. International students have the unique opportunity to join the AquaSafe team by participating in the Work and Travel Program.

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